Episode 11: Minimalism 1/1/22

JENN’S THOUGHTS: On the surface, people who visit my home and my classroom notice how neat and tidy things appear. There isn’t a lot of clutter at a quick glance, but personally, it’s too much clutter for me to be comfortable. I’m not even going to mention what is jammed and crammed in the closets, cabinets, corners, and drawers. Yes, I like things organized. But my long term goal is not to have so many things that have to be organized. Podcasting and working in Joji’s home has been inspirational to me. I went home and started purging items that didn’t serve me or my family anymore. A broken blender? Old chargers that belong to a lost or obsolete device? It’s time to exit. I do want to apologize to our planet earth and the contributions I made to landfills. I have made new commitments to be better.


JOJI’S THOUGHTS: I’m always striving for simplicity. It’s been a journey I’ve been doing for several years now. As I’ve gotten older (maybe wiser?) I’ve started valuing time over items more. Because I’m somewhat of a neat freak and hate cleaning, too many items in my living space distracts me. I feel tense when my surroundings are unorganized or cluttered. Naturally, it’s been easier for me to have less items to keep my humble abode less distracting and being more in the present. Plus, I have less things to clean, hence, more time. 

Episode 10: We Do and We Don’t 12/18/21

JENN’S THOUGHTS: We reflected on how scary AF it is to share our thoughts and experiences on a public platform. Even though we have already launched our podcast, and there’s no turning back now, we are still sitting in ALL the feelings of being vulnerable. As usual, along with all of the risks involved with sharing publicly, there are also mental and emotional rewards: healing and acceptance of how things end up panning out, whether we were prepared for it or not.

It was also REALLY FUN to create and record in Joji’s plant room!


JOJI’S THOUGHTS: Sharing our thoughts is scary. Starting a podcast is also scary. But this is what it’s all about, right? Doing things that scare you, overcoming them, and growing from them. Exposing yourself and being vulnerable is something that doesn’t always come naturally. I knew I wanted to talk about my story as a young caregiver. Heck, it was one of my big drivers of starting a podcast with Jenn. Now here I am scared to share my real raw story of being a young caregiver. Podcasting is weird like that, you learn there are more layers of “exposing”, that you didn’t know existed. This episode was a prelude to get me over my hump of fear of exposure and rawness to a topic very dear to my heart. It was getting my feet wet to face my own fears. Because ultimately, I hope someone benefits from my story.